Friday, March 30, 2012

Black & Red :)

Okay, so the morning after my last post, I woke up, looked at the red nails, and hated them. I don't know why but I just wasn't feeling it!

So what did I do? I followed Chloe's Nails tape mani suggestions, and had some fun with it :)

First time I tried this cat nail type look, and while it's not my favorite mani ever, I gotta say I loved it!

The rhinestones I got from ebay! They were super cheap & came in all different colors :)

Have a nice day everyone <3

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ross, Oh How I love Thee! :) - (Part 2 - Pic heavy...)

Hey lovely people! :)

First off - The Hunger Games premiere was SO awesome!!!!!!!! AHHH! I want to read the next two books SO bad, just waiting to buy them soon :) I devoured the first book like no one's business and I actually liked the adaptation to the big screen. OF COURSE there were TONS of things I wish they would've included in the movie, and little details that I just couldn't understand WHY they would omit... But still, as far as adaptations go, this was actually pretty faithful to most of it.

Now, to the second kit I swatched from Ross.. This brand is called "Believe Beauty" and I had never seen it before BUT I thought they looked SO cute! :) Ready for pics? :)

5 Nail Polish bottles in this kit!
...for 5.99? OK, YESS! :)

 First, this adorable pink called "Cupcake". And I can TOTALLY see this as cupcake! :)

A little out of focus but the color shows through ;)

Love this pink! :) And guess what?

This beauty its two coats only! :)

Next one is a GORGEOUS blue called "Indigo":

Seriously, HOW BEAUTIFUL is that?? I'm in LOVE with this blue!

This was also only 2 coats!! No Top coat either!

The third one is a light blue shimmer called "Curacao"! LOVE this glittery shimmer on this one!

This one was a bit sheer, so this is 3 coats!

Next one is a nice yellow called "Key Lime Pie". I think it's a nice shade. Not SUPER bright, but still bright enough :)

This was also 3 coats :)

The last one is a red, called "Hot Tamale". This is a red with some orange-ish undertone.

Also 3 coats and a coat of SV on this one!

I had to add this pic.. For some reason my pointer finger showed REALLY orange-y on this pic. It doesn't REALLY look like that, but that's kind of what I meant with the orange undertone.

That's it loveys! Hope you all have a marvelous & blessed day, week, month... ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Apple pie in an apple anyone? :)

Okay, so since this week I already have tons of finals, guess what I'm not having a lot of time for? That's right, my nails :(

BUT, I have something I've been DYING to share with you guys!

About a month ago, I went to one of the most amazing friend's house, Bridget. She lives about an hour away from me, which is NOTHING considering we both met in JERSEY and somehow ended up close together in CALI! :) Oh, AND, she has an AMAZING blog that she's just recently started, but I can already tell it will go FAR! Check it out here!

Anyways, when I get there, she tells me we are trying out something from pinterest, and we did.. This awesome Apple pie baked INSIDE an apple. It's too amazing for words! It was quick, easy, and oh-so-delicious! We used the left over pie crust & filling and made another tiny apple pie in a little glass container. So cute! :)

That night had some other unforeseen events, but I'll leave all that excitement for later :P

Now let me shut up & get to some pics! :)

We used the mix for the pie crust, since none of us really knows how to make pie crust :)

The filling was basically cut up apples with some sugar and cinnamon.
Now, if you notice here, the apples were carved out. That was awesome fun &
yet nerve-wrecking to do! I kept getting scared I would rip the skin on the apple
LOL :)

We wanted it to look like a real pie & did a little basket weave with the pie crust!

We probably could've left it in the oven a little longer, so it would be a bit more golden, the crust,
BUT it still looked prett great!

One for me, one for Brie, and one for her hubby, Kyle!

Of course, what's apple pie without her best friend Ice cream? :)

And our little pie, with a little heart on it :) This one was cooked a bit more, and you can totally tell! :)

And now for the extra excitement.... So Brie's glass table SUDDENLY exploded. And I mean EXPLODED. Like into a thousand little pieces. Out of the blue. Nothing fell on it or anything. It was super scary and you get to see a pic! AHHH!

Thank Goodness we were NOT sitting nearby it!

Now, this would not be enough would it? So even though I was sitting a bit far from the table, some pieces flew where we were at, and a piece went straight into my leg :( So I need to thank Kyle for being so great & cleaning the blood I dripped on their carpet. Such a marine, that one! :)

Of course that Brie being an amazing nurse helped too! She got me all cleaned up & bandaged up in no time! :)

And I even managed to find one of the culprits.. Yep, one of them, since I had about 3 different cuts! Ouchie!
So we googled this and turns out there have been quite a bit of occasions where glass table tops exploded. Apparently most of them are linked to the martha stewart patio furniture, BUT we have no idea where this table was from since they got it from previous owners..

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the apple pies and please go ahead & try them out! It's AWESOME & SO easy :)

Don't forget to stop by Brie's blog too <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ross, Oh How I love Thee! :) - (Part 1 - Pic heavy!)

Ok so first things first - I feel like a broken record saying sorry for being away for so long, but.... I am sorry :(
I got a job, which is AWESOME news!! I had been SOOO worried about that, and getting this job was such a relief! I totally didn't realize how little time I would have left though LOL.

I was hired as a part time because of the fact that I'm full time in school but I'm still being scheduled for about 30-40 hours every week, which combined with school, projects, homeworks & life, has left me with almost no free time :(

But I promise, even if it's not every day I will do my best to continue posting every chance I get :)

For today, I have the first part of a haul from Ross! YES, ROSS!! I found all these cute little kits there all for such great price!!!

Today's kit is from Prisma - Luminous Color, the pastel collection :)

I surprisingly enough loved the application on most of them. Pure creamy deliciousness ;)

Enjoy guys <3

I'm going to name them from 1 to 7 in the order above when looking at the swatches :)

Yes that's right... 7 polishes for 5.99 ! YAY! :)

1 - just a plain cream white polish. But it was opaque in 2 coats, and I loved it ! 

2 - This doesn't quite capture the color.. But this was almost like a dark nude.. Application was easy & 2 coats was all it took :)

2 again... A little closer to the actual color!

3 - light cream pastel orange.. Again, application was smooth, and no big problems here!

4 - This is a weird color.. It's almost orange-y but pink. I loved how the color looked though and couldn't quite capture it in the pic.. Hnmmm, going to have to try & get it again another time..

Still 4 - this one shows a little more of the orange side of this pink :)

5 - Barbie pink! Bubblegum pink! PERFECT pinkkk :)

5 again - just LOVE how perfect this color is <3

6 - Light purple, lavender - super cute & simple :)

6 again - this purple has a little hint of pink in it too.. hnmmm.

7 - darker purple! Again, no problems with the application :)

I have to be honest... I LOVE my OPI's, CG's, or whatever.... But I also LOVEEEEE my bargain finds <3

Hope you all have a great week!