Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Safari Gold :)

Christmas was INSANE! I'll post next some of the nail polishes I received & bought :)

But for now, I have been DYING to share this one!

It's from Forever 21, their Love & Beauty line, and the name is Safari Gold.

I'm in love. LOVE I say. I mean, application was great. It was opaque with 2 coats, though I used three in these pictures. This color is indescribable really. It's a gold, but it's green. I mean, there were times I couldn't make up my mind about the exact color on this!

These nail polishes are only $2.80, and easily found in Forever 21's all over the country! You can also buy them online by the way, if you can't find them in a store near you!

Now, I'm off to enjoy this A-MA-ZING color! <3

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not feeling very bunnylicious :(

Okay, so I have my uncle & aunt visiting us! First time in Jersey!! We were walking around Big Lots.. Is there really a better place to be than that? And I had to go see what they had for nail polish. To be honest I was kinda super disappointed :( There were tons of 2 different colors of LA Colors.. A pink & a deep purple that I might show later..

But then I saw something that was kinda cute & fun! They had a Playboy Nail Polish set! 4 nail polishes together, for 5 bucks! I'm a sucker for a bargain, specially when it came all cute together, so I got 'em! :)

Unfortunately when I got home I threw the box away before taking the picture! I know I know silly me! Still getting the hang of the whole "think about pics!" process LOL

But take a look at these cute fun colors:

Okay so the bad news... To begin with, they stank! Phew! I mean not your regular nail polish smell, but a very chemical-ly type of smell. And strong! But that's not all :( The application also kinda sucked big time. VERY sheer at first, and VERYYYY streaky :(

With about 2 coats. Don't know if you can see all the crazy streaking and VNL!

As I hope you can see they're all still VERY sheer. Which is fine because I'm not against using 3 coats, so I did one more! :)

Sorry for not cleaning up right away! Ooops!
So there it is. 3 coats and it IS opaque BUT you can see every brushstroke, and it's just not even :(
What I did love was the pleasant surprise that they dried kinda mattey-ish. I say that because I kept looking at them IRL and wasn't 100% sure if they had become actually matte or not, but after leaving them around to dry more you could def see it. Drying time wasn't that great but oh well :)

Either way I LOVE the blue. I know it's just a blue but for some reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)

I'm pretty sure if these had better application & weren't as sheer they would've been so much fun! And such a nice alternative to the super expensive neons we see around..

But as it is right now, even though I LOVE matte nail polishes, I'm just not feeling like a bunny :(

What do you think?


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yeah, I can be bad ass too! (At least my nails can ;D )

Okay, so one of the designs that i've seen around  that surprised me the most & made me want to make them right away was  this one:

This was made by Samantha @ The Nailsaurus!

I mean...... talk about bad ass!!! :)

Now I'll say this.. While I'm not girly, I'm definitely a goody two shoes... So there's nothing much... "bad ass" about me. BUT these nails caught my eye like no one's business hahah! So I found on ebay some beads and while I think they are NOT  the same type she used, I think the result came out surprisingly nice:

Now, even though I'm holding a bottle of SV on my hand, I hadn't used any top coat at that time.. What I did was I basically painted nail by nail. I'd paint the Black on Black by SC, and while it was still wet I used my smallest dotting tool, wet with a bit of clear polish to pick up the bead and put it on my nail before the polish was dry! :)

I did put SV after these pics were taken but I kinda hated how it looked. That's where not knowing that much about different top coats and polishes hinders me a little... A different type of top coat (probably not fast drying lol) would have made all the difference!

Anyways, hope you enjoy it! <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Anyone out there? :)

Okay, okay..

So I disappeared. Not because my life is crazy (I mean, it is, but it ALWAYS is isn't it?), not because I didn't have the time (after all not sleeping at night every once in a while makes me have TONS of time! LOL) but because.. I just don't know how to be that great at this whole blog posting business.

I mean, it seems kinda silly to be posting pictures, sharing my feelings, talking like a crazy person (...) if no one is actually reading, if it's simply getting lost in cyber space!

But I figured if I ever want someone, ANYONE to read this... I have to keep writing and hope someday someone will read my blog and think "hey, I totally know how that feels and what she's talking about!" I mean... I can't be the only one that has SUCH a hard time being girly, can I?

Anyways, I have done tons of manis lately, but not taken pictures of most of them. Boo :(
But I did take a picture of the latest. I've seen so many pictures of manis similar to this that I just HAD to try it out!! :)

Base color was sinful's black on black... Green & Yellow were Color Club.. can't remember the name for the green but yellow was almost famous! pink & purple were also sinful (I mean I can't talk enough about how much i loooove SC! haha) and the red is actually a mystery! I got this ebay deal. 30 nail polishes for like $11.00 (plus shipping of course!), and some of them had no name. This red is one of them BUT i did a red mani (no pics, sorry!!) and fell absolutely in LOVE with that red! I'll have to do it again and share it. It's so perfect to apply and jelly finish. Just beautiful..!

Anyways, hope you guys like it ! <3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sinful Indeed! - Haul Part 1

Oooooh, Sinful Colors. So glad I found you. For most nail polish fanatics, this is not news... But for me who had never bought that many nail polishes before, this is heaven!

I went into Harmon's and found Sinful Colors nail polish for $1.89 each! LOVE that! Plus they actually had some reallyyyy cute colors! :)

I'll break this down in different posts because I was so happy about the price that I bought around 20 or so different colors :)

Right now, I'm going to show some of my Greens!! :)

Keep Reading to see them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woot! ADOPT A POLISH? I think YES!

For immediate release:


Adoptapolish.org announces the world’s first adoption drive for in need nail polish, available for U.S. and Canadian applicants.

Every day, thousands of nail polishes are abandoned or abused. They are not sticky or old, they are fine new polishes, stuck on a shelf because they are forgotten or out of season. All they desire is to be used, and maybe taken for a night on the town in return.

“We have so many polishes who need a good family to take them in” said AdoptAPolish.org executive director Nikki Smith. “All it takes is filling out an application form describing how you can provide a better life for one of our in need nail polishes. We select the best application and take care of all the expenses, delivering your newly adopted polish directly to your door.”

One current nail polish, Charleston, held back tears well describing his life, “I spent two years of my life stacked in a dark room crammed together with thousands of others just like me, hundreds pressing down on my shoulders at any given time. I’m a shimmer and I have never seen sunlight in my life. Oh and don’t get me started on CND Shellac, I just can’t keep going as long, why would any women want me” he continued.

Please don’t let the agony go on any longer than it has to. The first round of adoptions closes December 31st. Apply to Adopt a Polish at

About Adopt a Polish

Adoptapolish.org is a not-for-profit organization funded by the people at Nail Polish Canada. We are grateful they’ve spent the time and money to set us up, but we know they only did it to look like charitable people. They are jerks! All they care about is selling you things. This entire organization was set-up by them to manipulate you.

Don’t worry about us being influenced by them, we cash their cheque, move on with our lives, and get back to saving lives. We would never compromise out ethics by telling you to shop now at http://www.NailPolishCanada.com and take advantage of free shipping over $29.

Contact Info 
Sam MacKay
Communications Manager - Adopt A Polish 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hmmm, when I saw this video, I couldn't help but smile!!! :) SOOOO, I decided to try and do this one next!

Here are my cookie monster nails! :)

 Cookie Monster and his Cookies :)

 I tried to do a close-up, but it's a little blurry AND you can see all the not so cute thingies in my cuticles :P

Nom nom nom nom!!! ME LIKES COOKIES!

Today at work, I'm pretty sure every single person got a NOM NOM NOM in their face as I was showing them off :) I'm normally not that proud of nails BUT it was the first time I did any "dotting" and the first time I did any freehand kind of stuff so i couldn't help but to show it off :)

Hope you like it!


Friday, November 11, 2011

I love geometry too!!

Too bad mine can't come off as good as the one at Nailside! :(

I just went through all the posts in her blog, and I must admit I'm in absolute awe of how amazingly creative she is, AND how perfect her manis come out!

The post that caught my eye (and heart, I must admit!!) was the I <3 Geometry one! It looks so cute and elegant!! So I decided to give it a spin and try it out. Of course, only after I was done, I realized hers look amazing because there's a certain formula for how she put the tape.. DUH :p

Anyways, here's her amaziiing mani:

beautiful, right?

And here's my attempt!!

So after this mani, here are some questions for anyone reading that knows more about this than me...

1- What kind of scissors do you use to cut the tape? My tape kept getting stuck, and to cut the thin strips ended up being SO hard! Anyone else has that problem when doing tape manis?

2- How do you do to cut the tapes all in the same size? haha. Sounds silly but mine kept coming off all different sizes! *sigh*

Anyways, gotta go to work, and show off my not-perfect-but-still-kinda-cool mani! :)

Have a great day everyone! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some girls are born to be girly...

...And some are NOT.

I'm the latter unfortunately. All my life, I've tried to be like the popular girls, yet no matter what I did, the things that looked AMAZING on them, looked horrible on me. It makes me wonder, WHY? I mean, I know about genes and all  that, but it's almost like something else. I'm not talking about a physical characteristic that's inherited from your mom or dad... I'm talking about how some girls KNOW what's "cool" to wear before it even becomes "cool"... Or how when I was in elementary school, everyone had these cool little wheel bags, and I didn't, so the next year I made sure to buy an amazing one, just like the one the popular kids had, and of course, by then it was the absolute lamest thing EVER to have that type of bag...

Why is it that girls like me (I'm assuming there MUST be more girls like me out there, right?!) seem to always be "too late" for everything when it comes to fashion, beauty, girly stuff (...) ? Sometimes I wonder if it's because my mom isn't very girly either.. But I don't think that's it. I mean, other girls with non girly moms seem to be just fine, so it can't be just that... *SIGH* Either way, I'm going on and on about the fact that to me, these things just don't come naturally. They just don't. Some people can do hairdos like it's the easiest thing ever... for me it takes hours and it STILL doesn't look like it's supposed to.. Or my nails? I feel like my hands don't really obey me. I try to make them like I see around the internet but you think they look anything like it? No.

But the funny thing is, I don't stop trying. I keep trying and striving to one day look like these girls I envy so much.. To look "together", for someone to one day look at MY hair, or at MY nails, or at MY clothes, MY makeup, and think "wow, I wish I could do that"... So this is why I made this blog.. I kept trying to find a "nail for dummies" blog, where maybe I could learn more about nails and maybe tricks to help me... (Nails are my current absolute obsession. I made an ebay account JUST to buy a bunch of polishes!!!! Call me crazy, I know I am!) and when I couldn't find it, I figured there might be someone, maybe one person out there that might enjoy my rambling, and my pointless attempts into entering the girly world, even if they're failed!

This won't be just about nails though, because even though nails ARE my current obsession (and they will be here VERY constantly, I hope!), I think sometimes I might want to try make up, hair and maybe even fashion (EEEKK!) stuff also :)

I'll try posting tomorrow, maybe some nails pictures! I just did a mani today, based on the Nailside blog... BUT of course it didn't look exactly like I wanted lol :)

Amanda <3