Friday, February 17, 2012

Feeling Italian!

Okay so this will be a little different! :)
Today, there's no nail anything! GASP! I know!!!!!! haha.

I do have a mani today, I actually bought one of the few polishes on my wish list, China Glaze's Ruby Pumps! :) SO excited and I can't take my eyes off it. Buuuuut, my camera sucks, the lightening here sucks, and none of the pictures I took with it came out good, and I kinda gave up haha!

So, I'm glad to show you my *other* awesome pic of the day, my BRUSCHETTA! yum!

Sorry I only took two pictures but they were SO delicious we couldn't wait to eat them! NOMNOMNOM! haha!
I'm staying with an elderly lady for now, until I can find my own place here in CA, and she had been given a box of basil. What else to do with that but a bruschetta? So I went to the market and got some fresh mozzarela, balssamic vinegar, and some nice tomatoes! YUM.

For anyone interested, here's how I made these:

Bruschetta Ingredients:

Fresh Mozzarela
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper


First, I baked the bread for a little. Now mind you that's sliced up bread, so not a huge piece of bread. They're 
supposed to be like 2-3 bites in this picture! Just put them in the oven at about 350 until the bread was a little crisp. 
While that was going on, I cut the fresh mozzarela and the tomatoes in cubes, chopped some basil, and in a bowl
 mixed them all with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. 
Yeap. That easy :)

Now I don't have the exact measures for you because I eyeballed everything. But I am a very big advocate for
TASTING your food while you're making it!! :) Do it till it tastes GOOD! So basically I put a little bit at a time of
the salt/pepper.. The basil def makes the dish that much better, but I think my favorite thing is the balsamic vin
with the mozzarela & tomato. It just goes well together you know? Anyways, once that's mixed you go, get your
 piece of bread that should be nice and crisp, and top it off with your mixture. I enjoy it cold, but in the picture it had
been heated until the cheese melted a bit. It is also absolutely delicious like that.

If you've made bruschetta before, how did you do it?
If you try this, let me know! <3

Have a great day everyone <3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice creammm!

So again, pinterest came to my aid with some ideas, and I tried this out.. To me, it feels like neapolitan ice cream and it's making me REALLY wish I had some ice cream here with me right now.. Yum!

The image I saw on pinterest was (I gotta admit) much cuter than what I did. Haha. Buuuuut, the nails were long and thin, and alas, mine are short and chubby, so a lot of the amazing designs I see around just don't translate that well into them :(

But I did LOVE them anyways <3

For this what I did was, I painted them all with SC White, and then just used some tape! I mean I have Chloe's Nails to thank for bringing tape into my nails! It's just SO useful! The grey is from Forever 21's Love & Beauty, and it's simply called Light Grey haha :) and the pink is from Wet & wild and it's called Ticked Pink.

Hope you guys liked it! Have a great day everyone :)

P.s. Since I just moved to cali I had 3 interviews TODAY and all the women were saying my nails looked nice! AH! Can't believe ppl are actually noticing them! Makes me super happy! <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay so I was SO excited for this mani!!! I finished it, and let it dry for like 25 minutes or so, kept looking in the mirror and LOVING it, and then... I put top coat on my left hand (My picture hand!!!) and it smeared ALL over. I mean darn it, I thought 25 minutes would be more than enough time for it to dry, I guess I was wrong :(

So I took some right-hand pics which just felt awkward! LOL

Either way, the inspiration came from a post on pinterest (btw, feel free to follow me there!! Here's the link to my boards!)

And this is how they came out!

Right hand! Eeek! Now the hearts on this hand weren't as great as the hearts on the left hand.. I can never do them perfectly :(
Nor were the lines. LOL. The lines were much straighter on my left hand BEFORE the darn top coat haha :)

This is what happened once the top coat came in :( Look at my middle finger, that line was STRAIGHT before! argh!
But if you notice, I def prefer the hearts on this hand, even a little smeared haha

A little upclose of the design!

Lovely hearts! :)
Do you ever have that problem? You create an awesome design and the top coat kinda ruins it? :( Am I doing something wrong maybe that caused this? Any feedback's appreciated! :)

So what are you guys planning on doing today? Anything great? I'm currently single, and today I actually have orientation at my new school! Going to get my chef's coat today! WOOHOO :)

Hope you all have a great day! <3

New Beginnings! Welcome to California!! :)

Okay, so I guess none of you KNOW me yet.

But I will share a bit about myself.. I have been struggling a lot for the past 4 years. And I mean a LOT. Things have been tough emotionally speaking, and last year, (around the time I found my passion for nail polish!!!) things started getting better. Not that the two things are related, I just think I took nail polish as a hobby because I was finally starting to get interested in things, and totally found myself loving it!

One of the big things though, was I was extremely unhappy about where I was in life. Stuck in a university I didn't enjoy, doing a course that I chose because I didn't know what else to choose, and that did not help my emotional state.

Now, I just so happened to find something else that I fell in love with, and that was BAKING! :)

With that being said, I made a big decision last year, and that was.. to move. I really didn't enjoy the area where I lived (Now, I won't bash the whole state, no worries ;D )... But I just wasn't HAPPY.

So In January I packed and moved to California! I'm currently enrolled in a Baking & Pastry course at the Art Institute out here, and am currently looking for a job! When I get a job I'll be able to move on to my own place.. (staying with a friend as a favor for now! Eeek!) And hopefully things will fall back into place... :)

Now, these were all big decisions.. I had never NOT lived with my family, and to just move out on my own is a little more terrifying than I even thought it could be, but overall, I'm happy I did. I miss my family more than words can describe, but I feel like it was a good solid decision.

And even though there are only 4 of you (hehehe) I reallyyyy missed posting here! Most of my nail polishes are currently packed, but that's not stopping me! I'm off to go do my nails so I can post something here ! :)

Just so I have some pics, this is a REALLY quick mani I did last week!

Color Club's Almost Famous with a Black Nail Art Polish

And this is just a little glimpse of something in Cali that I missed haha:

Have a great & blessed week everyone <3